Corporate mission

Intelligent Process Automation


This mission statement has been jointly developed by us, the employees at UNIMATIC, together with the management. It describes what holds us together: our self-image, our goals and our shared core convictions, values and beliefs.

It is intended to guide us in our actions and support us as we strive to achieve our corporate goals, serve our customers’ interests as best we can and increase employee satisfaction.

Mission – who we are, what we do and why

Who we are

We are custom machine builders at a second generation, financially independent, mid-sized family business.
We are a popular employer and training enterprise in our region.

In addition to our headquarters in Germany, we also have locations in the Czech Republic, Morocco, China, Mexico and the USA.

What we do

We specialise in the construction of high-quality custom machines and have been making customised automation solutions a reality for the past 40 years. Our accomplishments also include the development of Industry 4.0 software products, testing technology, custom electronics and international after-sales service.

In conjunction with our high level of in-house production, we can cover the entire product development process, designing and realising customer-specific designs.

What matters to us

  • Premium quality:

Employees regularly take part in continuing education and training. Thanks to several years of service within the company, many of us have a wealth of experience to pass on to new employees.

Setting quality and safety standards that far exceed those legally prescribed helps us meet the high expectations we demand of ourselves and of our products. This includes an ERP system that we played an integral part in developing and that is tailored to our needs, our QMS ISO 9001:2015 and a variety of guidelines.

  • Consistent customer orientation:

It is particularly important to us to maintain close and honest relationships with our customers, including at our international locations..

We reliably plan, develop and advise to achieve the best results and we are only satisfied when our customers are also satisfied. That is why we cater to the needs of our customers with expertise and a sense of responsibility along with the utmost commitment, quality, timeliness and service.

Benefits of our work

To be competitive, our economically-minded company focuses on sustainable commercial growth. This is how we secure our jobs and our income over the long term.

Technology is our passion. We take pleasure in our work and are proud to be a part of the UNIMATIC company and community.

We consistently address the specific requests of our customers with our global services: we offer premium quality, reliable products, reliable delivery and high-quality service throughout the entire life cycle of our products. This leads to greater success for our customers too.

Ultimately, the high quality of the work we put into the end product helps increase the quality of life for its users. We fulfil our social responsibility by cooperating with local educational institutions and contributing to the common good.


The ultimate goal is to remain fundamentally independent and self-sufficient. To ensure the long-term viability of UNIMATIC, we strive to achieve sustainable company development accompanied by profitable economic growth. We also want to continue to be an innovative, attractive company, both for our customers and for our employees.

We will continue to expand our global presence. Continuing education measures for employees at our global locations and the improvement of international networking guarantee quick and reliable communication amongst ourselves.

We will also continue to expand and remodel our headquarters in Germany in order to ensure sufficient space for our increased work demands. The buildings are to be purposeful yet attractive for employees, customers and our environment.

Our management is and will remain in the hands of the family. Flat hierarchies and an employee-oriented management style will continue to characterise our management principles. Flexi-work models will be further expanded, teamwork encouraged and our employment system continuously improved.

We see development opportunities for our energy-efficient products in line with the market, including in electromobility and Industry 4.0. In addition, we want to further expand our service portfolio while maintaining or increasing our quality standards in the process. It is important for these standards to be at the same level across all UNIMATIC locations worldwide.

We will continue to maintain and strengthen the partnership-based relationships we enjoy with our long-standing customers. We want to acquire new customers on the global growth markets, win them over and expand into new industries.

Our success is driven by the high level of motivation, creativity and health of us as employees. We intend to promote these traits to continue our committed work. We are one big family and we treat each other well and with respect and would like to continue this way.

We are also aware of our responsibility to our environment and we strive to do business in harmony with nature. For us, this means further expansion of measures to protect the environment by protecting our resources and promoting sustainable processes and products.

Company culture and values – how we treat ech other and work together

The company culture that has developed over two generations
reflects our mutual values and attitudes.

We are a responsible company with loyal leadership: Our positive view of humanity based on mutual appreciation and respect, responsibility and loyalty is what defines us. Flat hierarchies and an employee-oriented understanding of management based on transparent communication are what determine our company culture. This makes it possible to work flexibly and independently and allows for solution-oriented thinking. This, in turn, motivates us as employees to be productive. We are reliable, genuine colleagues and business partners at the same time.

We are a healthy company: We take both social and ecological responsibility:
The health and safety for us as employees as well as for the environment are a top priority for us.
Our company’s health management system is concerned not only with individual physical and mental health but also helps ensure a company culture that promotes health and resilience. This has positive consequences for the company as a whole and beyond.

We are a learning company: One of the factors of our success is our considerable knowledge and skills. We focus on innovation and development, learning from each other through mistakes and successes. This enables us to generate new ideas, create top-quality products and provide outstanding service. Continuing education and the passing on of knowledge in an organised manner means that we can maintain and expand our existing know-how, using it to the greatest advantage. That is why the training of young people is so important to us.

We are a versatile company: We are diverse in terms of our age groups and cultural backgrounds. This enables us to bring a variety of different skills and talents to the table. We see this as an asset because variety enables different ways of looking at things, facilitating a variety of approaches to solving problems.


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